We are a small church with a lot of activities! Nativity has a rich history of outreach activities that provide support and resources to our neighbors, our community and the world. We concurrently work together on a mix of long- and short-term projects with varying reach. In short, there's something for everyone at Nativity and everyone – including newcomers – is welcome to participate.

Our building is a home and resource for a dynamic group of programs and organizations. We are happy to make our rooms available to groups, both small and large, seven days a week - so if you belong to a group, or know of one, that is looking for a place to meet, please contact us. We also provide space for dinners and luncheons, receptions, art exhibitions, music performances, panel discussions and meetings of community groups

We are proud to host regular meetings of AA 12-step programs -dates and times are posted on our front door.To find a 12-step meeting here or in the Detroit area, call AA Detroit at (313)831-5550/ (313)831-2555 or https://alcoholicsanonymous.com/aa-meeting/detroit-wayne-county-office/

Within the front garden (to your right as you come down the driveway) you will find a labyrinth. Parishioners and visitors alike find peace and reflection walking the stone pathway at their chosen pace.

Within the parish, you will find a range of activities, including: helping conduct services, singing in the choir, decorating and floral arrangement, helping with maintenance and gardening, spiritual development and Bible study, and membership development, communication and social media. We hope that you will find be able to participate in a way that is meaningful for your spiritual life, and helps fulfill our mission.